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Back Office Support Services

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    Back Office Services

    Think back-office support isn’t challenging? Think again – it’s the back-office tasks that keep a company running. We’ll help you to reinvent backend work across diverse customer administration needs. We’ll look for ways to make our clients business’ run more smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Free up your business time and resources to focus on managing your firm in today’s more competitive wealth managing environment.

    Frantic multitasking can place you in a serious toll on your business process. But here we do some awesome stunts maintaining information! This means that we’ll upgrade your business performance to help you to set amazing benchmarks.

    We believe in putting clients first, keeping our promises and doing what we do the right way – so you can trust us to take care of administering your back-office support services, and let us handle the details.

    So, whether you’re just are a start-up expecting an immediate cash flow and support or you’re an established firm looking to switch to a service that’s not ‘one size fits all’, our team keeps you covered.

    Our back office BPO services include x

    Whether you have tens of records or a few million records to digitize and manually enter, Aasheha offers you excellent professional services and support, with its accurate and on time deliveries.

    This is a new niche where excellence is the catchword. Our virtual assistance supports to ensure smooth and effective office administrative support services.

    Data Entry 

    Billing and Invoicing

    Web Research and Analytics

    Catalog Management

    Form Processing

    Content Development

    Payroll Processing

    Order Processing

    Document Management

    Email & Chat Support

    Data entry services

    Data entry services are the most sought and a little cumbersome one. Where our trained team grabs a good position in handling an increased volume of data matching business requirements.

    Catalog management

    Managing your online catalog efficiently keeps your business efficiently managed and updated. This catalog is accessible to store owners and managers which is easy to change depending on current market conditions.

    Web research and analytics

    Our online internet research services help you make better business decisions. We walk through millions of web pages to get the data you need with the highest degree of relevance details.

    Data management services

    With the abundance of information processed daily, management of all that data must be constant. We deliver valuable assortment to clients which standardize your business-related valuable information.

    Order processing & manintance

    Order processing is cumbersome if your business is online; it is an important link in any sales process and doing it right ensures that you are one step ahead of the competition in generating new business and strengthening existing client relationships.

    Billing & invoice processing

    Our billing solutions integrate paper and digital invoicing with self-service functionality to deliver absolutely the best service captured in the system. In whichever format your client base request their invoices to be, we make sure they receive exactly that.

    Form processing

    Frustrated with the piled-up registration forms, medical claims, or other huge volumes of data required for your business? Aasheha caters the procedure to convert significant data into a digitized format.

    Social learning

    Generate social learning strategies driving stellar business performance by enabling better ways of adapting your people to greater forms of talents and knowledge diversity.

    Payroll outsourcing services

    From receiving your first timesheet to producing your Year End, combining reliability with accuracy, we promise to deliver a risk-free solution to your payroll processing needs. All tasks are expertly managed whilst at the same time ensuring productive workplace and satisfying all legislative requirements.

    Chat and email support services

    Honing your customers engaging proactively in context and communication, the people start getting attracted the way they deserve. And, our team is highly talented is reading minds.

    Content development

    Storytelling is at the heart of all communications, with the power to differentiate your brand and fuel your marketing in the online empire, publishing interesting copy attracts and keeps the reader hooked onto your website and drives traffic to your business.

    Advantages of outsourcing back office services to Aasheha x

    Unlike front office outsourcing, which is customer related tasks, back office outsourcing takes care of the perfunctory, repetitive stuff that’s costing you time and takes your focus away from your business.

    Technology keeps changing all the time, and so do our techniques and updates must be. We invariably have a strategic and well-planned approach when it is related to reacting astutely to the variation.

    Our researchers incorporate state-of-the-art tools and techniques which enables us to validate information and extract relevant details from the internet clean it up and put it in the desired format with the highest degree of relevance possible for business decisions.

    We stick on time, the size of the project that has to be handled is immaterial. We project the requirement of the workforce and shift timings before finalization of the contract to avoid unnecessary follow up by clients.

    Our dedicated team is ready to work supporting the client needs and in delivering scurry through a myriad of information that is available over the World Wide Web.

    Challenges and being on top incessantly keeps our acquisitions and expertise honed. And, our driving force aids you with reasonable profits and pricing infrastructure for your back-office outsourcing.

    All our experts are native speakers and breathe the culture of the countries that they serve, so every customer will always feel at home. Fully integrated network hub of multilingual support, enabling consolidation of multiple support operations.

    We try to combine our team of professionals with the most modern technologies and techniques to streamline and simplify your processing requirements. We adhere to a strict quality analysis check. Watchwords for our service include minimal errors and maximum accuracy.

    We at Aasheha is careful about our client’s concerns and ascertain complete confidentiality and privacy with respect to any kind of data/information that is provided to us by our clients. We conform to the industry’s best security practices.

    Industries we support x

    • Real Estate
    • E-commerce
    • Finance
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Travel & tourism
    • Education

    Companies need to focus on things that matter more. Choose us to make it simple!

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