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Call Center Services

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    Call center services

    To stay at the forefront, from small to medium businesses are turning to outsource. As a call center outsourcing company and with deep knowledge on a wide range of domains, Aasheha pair the first-class professionals with the latest technology in our call center services to ensure our clients are overwhelmingly satisfied.

    Our young and fresh minds nurture your callers to rave about your kind customer service ever, whether its a day or night. With “always on” market rule, no customer will be ignored or left unanswered. We make you stay available all time with an immediate response to your customers improving your corporate image on the frontline when greeting callers and your potential clients.

    Aasheha engages your potential clients “on the go” and helps you stay connected whenever they need. Let’s change the way, people think of your company. Join us for highly technical and hurdle-free contact centerservices for various businesses.

    Services we support x

    Inbound Call Center

    Virtual Assistance

    Order Management

    AR Calling

    Outbound Call Center

    Email Support

    24/7 Customer care


    Technical Support

    Live Chat Support


    Multi-Branch Services

    Industries we support x


    Real Estate 


    Travel & Tourism


    e – Commerce

    Energy  & Utilities


    Logistics & Shipping




    e- publishing

    Advantages of our outsourcing call center solutions x

    Advantages of Our Outsourcing Call Center Solutions

    Get actionable insights into your customers’ behavior that can help you manage a broader selection of customer support services and amenities to gain benefit from economies of scale i.e lower budget costs.Our pricing structure provide streamlined services at basic norms to keep you ahead of the curve.

    Our Ultra-modern and ever-evolving platform provides a re-conciliate standard that encompassesnecessarymulti-channel support services depending on the customer demands.

    Adopting advanced analytics and assistance from cradle-to-grave acquisition finds the appropriate growth initiatives fostering diligence planning on utilizing appropriate resources.

    Decipher the intrinsic values to deploy specialized talents in order to deliver the real business impact. Our aim is to improve agility by unlocking the value and dealing with a business dilemma involving in Contact center assistance.

    Choosing a servicing partner who delivers quality contact center solutions on time with might be a challenge. Our network professionals are here for you to serve with quality service on time with accurate standards.

    Aasheha’s strength lies in its large pool of talent with a neutral multiple language accent and diverse culture to cater to emerging market economy demands with customer satisfaction.

    In the current online climate, with influential products and its digital services, it is increasingly important to provide authenticated customer support. And, for the past decades, we have and continue to strive to deliver our first call resolution for a broad-spectrum industry market.

    Our team of highly trained call center agents will monitor and track your calls on a regular basis and provide an unbiased evaluation of each call. Ourprogram identifies areas of strength and improvement to provide you with a detailed understanding of each and everycall.

    Our ubiquitous access to the various suits of call recording technology enables to record one or multiple users with a few simple clicks. Opting advanced settings for playback and maintaining call logs are being handled in exemplary ways.

    You won’t be needing to knock us twice, we will be with you at first. Exceptional specialists and innovative strategies to enact the needs of our client round the clock.

    Our call center experts are concerned with business practices providing a holistic overhaul of operations and strategy with meticulous care of the multi-disciplinary field. We caliber and serve in an insightful way for processing updates to global clientele ranging from small, medium and large businesses across the globeincluding USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Dubai,France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Singapore, etc.

    Let’s do it together. We’re just a phone call away you or simply email us.

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