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    E-Learning Services x

    Time is compact, and our destiny of relaxation is brief, briefer than ever, given the expectations of on-demand productivity.

    Growth and the desire to learn will never leave you, even after you have finished your high school. In these dynamic times, people are anticipated to learn continuously, to keep them updated with trends in technology, in media, and in many other areas of their lives.

    Customized E-Learning solutions are hugely growing trend in the training and learning industry. From schools, VET training, through to corporate sales training, or University courses, e-learning in many formats are here to stay!

    Whether you want to grow your company, future-proof your e-learning investment, empower your staff, cut costs, find more powerful tools, standardize and centralize your training with e-learning software development holistic experts, you’ve come to the right place. Here listed are few of our launches

    Services We Dox

    Computer-based training 

    Instructor Led Training(ITLs)

    Online Product Demos

    Web-based training (WBT)

    Online courses


    Self-paced learning tutorials

    Product Tutorials

    Partner with new learning initiativesx

    Empower your learning program with smarter solutions…

    As the global shift transcends, a rampant acceptance of e-learning emerges. Using an evidence-based approach, we transform your vision into captivating learning experiences that elevate performance that achieves your training goals.

    We support all facets of e-learning, from initial analysis to closing skills gaps—we even build learning platforms that integrate directly with your existing website.

    Custom Learning Apps 

    Supporting today’s global market, we craft fully customized, feature-rich, and highly interactive e-Learning courses from scratch and hand-coded according to your specific design blueprints.

    On-time Delivery

    Fast access to high performance aiding in mission-critical project delivery to stakeholders or customers resolving the toughest challenges.

    Micro Learning

    Bite-sized learning strategy delivering bursts of tasks as One-size-fits-all training content doesn’t work for all, as each person comes with their own knowledge and skill set.

    Mobile Learning

    The world has gone mobile, and it is mandatory that your e-learning content works on every device. We make it possible to reach your learners delivering engaging content.

    State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Every business is precious and so should your website. That is why we work closely to value your insights accordingly providing transparency in our complete work cycle.


    Gamification in e-learning involves integrating game theory and mechanics to non-game contexts, where we deliver a game based learning with the main purpose of engaging users in solving problems.

    Blended Learning

    Mixing digital tech with pedagogical resources, our self paced solutions spurs learners their study onward and allows them to reach greater heights pursuing traditional coursework.

    Social Learning

    Generate social learning strategies driving stellar business performance by enabling better ways of adapting your people to greater forms of talents and knowledge diversity.

    Scenario-based Teaching

    Our solutions suit up a magical appeal laced with the relevance of stories delivering realism of hands-on training within a virtual environment as a realistic trigger event.

    Why choose Aasheha from others?x

    If e-learning is to become a success in the existing climate, it has to definitely adapt to modern times by updating the technology. In order to make the content and teaching suited to the modern times, companies should do sufficient research on the source e-learning content development available locally which is arguably the highest standard.

    Aasheha can team up in producing customized solutions to suit your company needs, and integration with training portals, multi-media corporate presentations, or any combination of these is no problem for our team!

    Our instructional design services include training needs analysis, instructional analysis, macro-level course design, curriculum design, instructional strategies, storyboarding and animation.

    Benefits of our eLearning solutionsx

    • Reduce training costs
    • Track learner progress
    • Develop custom content
    • A company that cares and has exceptional customer service
    • Multi-language compatibility
    • Enables learning on multiple devices
    • Budget-friendly solution
    • Aids active learning
    • And much more…

    Why we stand ahead of the crowd ?x

    Along with creative strategies to support the learner experience, Aasheha builds superior eLearning authoring tools with a combination of powerful, intuitive, elegant and user-friendly launches which have been recognized internationally.

    Our innovations and proven solutions are a testament to the fact that we pull tactic distributions rather than complete formal learning sessions to jump on the e-learning bandwagon.

    We combat cookie-cutter training by working closely with our clients in order to identify and develop the most appropriate learner-focused design for their training and development needs. We’ve honed a rigorous form of standard revising and review process to ensure that our learning solutions sparkle.

    Let’s chat for a customized seamless fit into the current reality for your workplace!

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