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Financial and Accounting Services

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    Financial and Accounting Services 

    As our worthy customer, Aasheha provide innovative products to safeguard and enact your financial convenience. With our expertise, you can meet all your forex requirements with utmost nurture and advancements.

    In this complex and highly competitive world, we aid from the world’s largest to mid-size companies and entrepreneurial startups in recruiting and assessing nichetalents.Our skilled experts combine operational expertise satisfying multi-lingual needs and understand cross-cultural mindsets & geographic aspects.

    Nowadays, people have to complete their tasks in a single day. The growing responsibilities related to business life, work as well has left no time for maintaining a piled-up statement summary on financial happenings.

    Why jumping from application to application for maintaining your taxing structure, payable funds etc? Our solution gives you a single window to perform cohesive data integrity and to hedge against the risk of financial losses and to ensure the proper accounting services.

    We provide technology-enabled banking and financial services to deliver a seamless flow. Our framework addresses the investments, assets, payments, analytics and other reforms which are being integrally linked in a phased manner.

    We help you in improving the fiscal consolidation with emphasis on the rationalization of accounting structure, investments, and funds to deliver strong growth in existing financial services.

    Some of our financial & accounting outsourcing services include x


    Fixed Assets

    Finance Reporting / Analysis

    Tax Preparation

    Financial Planning

    Invoice Processing & Helpdesk

    Accounts Payable

    Payroll Processing

    Accounts Receivable and Collections

    Bookkeeping services

    Combining our skills and knowledge in advisory services, our bookkeeping specialists provide comprehensive support in all accounting areas. Our techies can aid you in implementing an appropriate accounting ecosystem and provide you with accurate business cycle information.

    Invoice processing & helpdesk support

    Whether you manage your disbursements processes functionally or as an end-to-end process, we’ve combined, procurement and finance expertise to create flexible Invoice-to-Pay solutions that increase speed and transparency and optimize your cash outflows.

    Accounts payable

    Manage your invoices electronically in order to get rid of manual data input and paperwork into your accounting software. All your account work will be stored in one portal – in order to be easily searched through, reviewed and transformed to structured data based on your needs.

    Accounts receivable and collections

    AR works with a procedure to track, calculate and maintain outstanding invoices which is a legally enforceable claim held by a business for goods supplied and/or services rendered to the customers.

    Tax preparation

    By thinking beyond the borders to deliver long-lasting value, tax specialist skills, and deep industry knowledge, we can help you stay competitive. Our high-quality tax advice presumes to remain in compliance with local tax legislation.

    Payroll processing

    Our payroll processing laces professional expertise along with the existing knowledge of your business. This helps us to offer you a complete suit of personalized service with respective standards that rival the capabilities of the service bureaus without any of the hassles.

    Finance reporting/analysis

    Our financial reporting and analysis department can prepare a set of reports as and when required by you to give you an accurate picture of the financial health of your organization.

    Financial planning

    Financial planning is a tiresome process for many people– learning to juggle their money and plan for business modules is not only challenging, but it can also be overwhelming. Rely on our financial professionals to put your minds at ease on the present and future financial situations.

    Fixed assets

    We deliver a turnkey outsource capability that pairs our dedicated team of professionals with the best-in-class fixed asset platform offered by Aasheha. Our Services can help streamline and simplify the accounting process at every stage of the fixed asset life cycle.

    Professional Support From An Experienced Industry Leaderx

    Our framework in financial needs is extended to improve the accounting efficiency in getting expanded to meet global and regulatory requirements. The objective is to provide a holistic overhaul of operations and strategy with meticulous care of all the details.

    Transaction level accounting

    • Payment posting
    • Payment adjustments
    • Direct payments
    • Cost posting
    • Cost and e-filing reconciliation
    • Balance adjustments


    Client accounting

    • Client remittances
    • Fee and cost invoices
    • Accounts receivable posting
    • Accounts receivable analysis
    • Client reimbursement reconciliation and rebilling
    • Billing for hourly or fixed-fee work


    General accounting

    • Bank and trust reconciliation
    • End-client required reconciliation templates
    • General ledger posting
    • Forecasting
    • Vendor payments and employee expense reimbursements
    • Payment and cost audits

    Streamlined enterprise-wide F&A processes that drives business efficiency x

    Accounting standards

    Our accountants provide feedback to manage the financial results and status of an organization. The measures related to financial reporting and economic entities will be analyzed and improved.


    Our equity advisors provide a highly equipped systematic procedure with financial and accounting advice done to support philanthropic activities in adequate with money market modules.

    Technology and infrastructure

    Decipher the intrinsic values to deploy analytics talent in order to deliver real business impact. Deploy strategic decisions to deliberate data-driven insights.


    Can you imagine if your financial processes have been handled by an experienced team? We’ll extract and bridge disparate systems together in order to maintain reliable quality.


    Our secure and reliable services are fully insured, and we utilize a thorough review system to eliminate the risk of human error. The strictness in confidentiality is guaranteed.

    Visibility and transparency

    Our consultants ensure best practice, ethical standards and legitimate service standards in conveyancing and settlement landscape with the rapid technology and advent innovations

    Our industry-focused F&A solutions cater to a wide range of industries x

    • Banking and finance
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Insurance
    • Utilities
    • Retail and consumer packaged goods
    • Shipping and logistics
    • Telecommunications
    • Travel and leisure


    Experience the financial intelligence and get to know the story behind the numbers.

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