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    Industries we support


    In the current digital climate, people are highly influenced by the internet and consumers purchasing habits have changed. Brands have to maximize opportunities and emerge in new ways to engage them. High technology marketing supports more than just a sales process

    Our digital marketing practices touch every part of your customer journey—from website experience and functionalities (i.e.) pre-sales to sales enablement, help desk, customer support, and ongoing upgrades. We partner with e-dynamic to significantly pull the customers.


    Over the past few years, Telecommunication has witnessed itself as an epicenter and forefront of the prominent revolution. More so today than ever, companies demand a differentiated customer engagement model providing superior digital experiences to enhance transparency at reduced cost.

    Based on business process intelligence, Aasheha provides groundbreaking strategies to achieve operational efficiency, reduce service roll-out time, propel innovation to become successful in the mature market.

    Real estate

    In the field of real estate management, Aasheha is involved throughout the entire lifecycle of property from acquisition to disposition. Our business lines provide a full range of services from investors, buyers, and lenders in the array of asset management and brokerage, real estate closing, advisory services and loan asset support. To support our clients with maximum flexibility and this is backed up with cutting edge servicing platform for payment of property taxes, property inspections, referrals, and documentation.


    Retail industry has evolved at a robust rate. Rethinking retail in order to deliver engaging experiences serving digital-savvy customers as they are mobile dependent and socially connected than ever before. Today’s shoppers demand delightful experiences to shop from retailers, so to keep up with preferences, we embrace them from adaptive responsive web design to pos assistance, help desk support and much more contact needs of your product and services.


    The development of the Internet has exploded unimaginably. The changing technologies have impacted e-learning hugely and it has also changed the way of education as well as the accessibility. It has the standard and desirable way of customized e-learning. We are specialized in multimedia products, web-based applications, interactive lessons, assessment programs that too with multiple device support. We let our imaginations dig the best possible route that offers a wide range of learning and teaching practices.


    The technological roadmap of the last twenty years has changed the finance sector’s landscape entirely. Driven by the digitalization of economy has profoundly transformed the way it acquires, cares and retains customers. We provide global, modular and scalable omnichannel services which includes sales, technical support, collections, back office and much more served in efficient and effective ways at the same time ensuring the safety of data with customer insights.


    In a highly regulated and evolving financial landscape, utilizing advanced digital services and analytics tools can help financial corporations better engage clients, speed decision making and grab more market share. We at Aasheha, aim at providing our customers with regulatory, compliance, cybersecurity and risk solutions which are tailored perfectly to cater to their unique needs. We aid customers in maintaining clear and unhindered communication with key dynamics in the competitive market.


    Protect yourself from loss or risk that may occur in the future. Nowadays, people have to complete their tasks in a single day related to routine has left no time for them. Emergencies can hit you at any instance and could lead to financial instability. We are there to hedge against the risk of losses and to ensure your insurance policy premium. From financial solutions to life insurance plans for personal or business-related needs, we have got covered to ensure the total suite of benefits to offer.


    In the online climate, let your website gets fashioned as such your products and services are. So, we design websites that drive online traffic through to key objectives. To stay competitive, we design sites that engage users and simplifies their experience. We have worked on many responsive designs, e-commerce websites, startups, business websites using modern technology & development platforms. we design websites for your business imagination to start getting leads online.

    Energy & Utility

    Heavily impacted by the process of liberalization and technological mappings utilize operations in highly competitive and increasing mature markets. Our portfolio covers consultation, infrastructure management, business process outsourcing, customer application development, and maintenance. The innovative business transformation accelerators address the following factors which include generation & renewable, Transmission & Distribution, Smart Metering, Customer Billing and Retail delivered with security, reliability and energy efficiency.


    The global healthcare industry is growing with digital channels as one of the disruptive trends impacting the increasing demands and higher quality services. Our trend features to deal with the consolidation of the electronic medical records, virtual assistance, simultaneous care, and patient monitoring through the network from patients and healthcare professionals every day. We provide a smarter healthcare delivery system with timely fashion and accurate results.

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