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About Aasheha Technologies

Serving people… Upholding values… Supporting Dreams…

This is where Aasheha steps in. For the business sectors, it is much of an elixir which gives life and sustenance in this competitive world of markets. Our agenda in development and BPO services precision is to make millions of magic in giving an edge over the other companies in this intensive and competitive environment.

Since the opportunities in the respective are spread across the nation even the worldwide, the monetary benefits laced with these areas are quite enormous. Being specialized in modern goals for the past decade and a half, Aasheha’s highly skilled workforce is always ready to take a leap in this gigantic business sector.

Our pervasive impressions milestones us in sectors like Financial and Accounting, eLearning, healthcare, call center, digital marketing, web designing, property and utility billing, back office support and more services pointing the right direction for your business without boundaries. Our right mix of analytics, technology, domain and process expertise enables our clients to achieve cost efficiencies and drive sustainable growth strategies.
Together we can simplify and smooth your digital outlooks, maximize your profits, decrease your stress and free you up to continue doing what you do best.

Our mission

Challenging the status quo, we want to instill a continuous improvement in the culture of our organization forging a new way of thinking.

Our vision

Using digital & technology -we reinvent business models and create new growth channels to make your Imagination as Our Innovation.


Driving with Perspective as Your Advisor We propel the business with our novel ideas, perspectives, thoughts, and learning solutions.

Always ready to work as your partner

We work together with you, understanding your desires and acting in the conviction as your success is not only yours, it’s our too.

Conveying real impact as your solver

We drive into your plan, then unite the ideal individuals, innovation, and execute the prime solution.

Opening tomorrow as your liberator

We are continually centered on empowering your prosperity, liberating your association and your kin for rapid progress.

Research innovations as your mentor

Fueling the passion to foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives our walk-through progressing exploration.

Stewardship of resources as your prospector

We strive to find solutions with sustainable resources and consistently follow the assumption of positive intent.


Aasheha has accomplished many achievements never before encountered in the industry. Our leading pace has always been accredited to our culture, with a deep understanding that in order to improve the lives of our clients we must reflect our internal working culture and our promise for a wonderful world.

Our teams evidently understand that how we operate is just as crucial as what we accomplish. It is through the spirit of teamwork and a strong sense of vision that we stride towards our goals.Historically we have witnessed many technological disruptions that have wiped out entire industries. Operational agility is most essential in order to keep up with the speed of change and need to pivot across all areas of business.

Although we are focused on our core services, today we must recognize that Aasheha has not identified itself as being limited as a outsourcing company, but rather a technology service provider. One that enhances all areas of its clients lives adapting them to the ever-changing technology and digital media era.

Our clients come first; identifying their needs and wants is the driving force that pulls us towards our eagerness to deliver.

Hand in hand we take the journey to pioneer the way in this fast-paced environment as we pave the way towards creating value for all our stakeholders and truly honor our vision towards a wonderful world.

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